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M-4 S-System

Posted by Cheyenne Airsoft Tactics Squad on February 23, 2010 at 12:10 AM

A Review of the M-4 S-System AEG

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Reply Col. R.S. FORNWALT callsign "REAPER"
11:43 AM on February 19, 2010 
Weapon-- DPMS Panther Arms M-4 S System (JG)
This DPMS M-4 S System under review is a good mid level weapon. Foregrip is constructed of metal, as is the gearbox, sights, stock tube, top RIS rail, and the outer barrel. The gearbox is metal, with metal gears, and 7mm bushings. Electrical wiring is nominal, as in most mid level weapons. Internal fuse is a good feature and easily replaced. Full length top rail is excellent for placement of any style optics and makes adjustment for any user a plus. I recommend a rail riser for most large scopes to raise the scope to a comfortable level for sighting.
Modifications of the S System are fairly easy, from relocating the battery connector to modifications to the battery compartment to house a 9.6 volt battery.
Body of the weapon is polymer plastic, but seems durable. The weakest point I have found on this weapon is the point at which the butt stock attaches to the body. Butt stock plate is metal, but with the plastic body, offers little support for the buttstock. In a rugged situation, the buttstock may break away from the body, pulling the set screw from the spring guide, and breaking out the back of the body. A repair here is difficult and not for beginners. The lack of readily available and affordable metal body upgrades for the S-System make taking great care of the plastic body a must. Standard M-4 metal bodies are not compatible with the S-System as they use a three piece body instead of two pieces on the standard M-4.
Sights are metal, but very loose and not good for making long shots. Recommend adding other means of dot scope etc.
Plastic flash hider is removable and reveals 14 mm counter clockwise threads on the metal outer barrel great for adding suppressors or custom flash hiders.
Hop-up is easy to access and works very well.
Standard battery is 8.4 volt, however this weapon has been upgraded to an internal 9.6 volt battery. RATE OF FIRE increases dramatically with the 9.6, and the gearbox seems able to handle it well. Estimated ROF on this weapon is 1000 to 1200 rounds per minute. FPS rating came out at 400-420 with a standard .20 g BB. This weapon is an excellent mid level weapon that fields well and is comfortable to carry and use. Magazines fit and feed well with pretty much any M-4 AEG magazine from a Star lo-cap to a 5000 round auto-winder, making sharing mags in the field a real benefit. I would recommend this weapon to any die hard M-4 mid level player.
Affordable mid level weapon
Durable construction despite the plastic body
Full length metal RIS rail
Capable of internal upgrade to 9.6 battery to increase rate of fire
Quality hop-up works good and is easily accessible
Magazine variations
Most areas of the weapon are easily upgradeable for custom applications
Weak point at body\buttstock junction
Plastic body
Front sights loose and inaccurate
Plastic flash hider
Lack of available metal bodies for upgrade
Reply Capt. J.T. "Havoc" Wright
5:12 PM on February 22, 2010 
Weapon- JG M-4 S-System
This weapon is a good mid level weapon. The main parts of the weapon the gearbox, sights, stock buffer tube and top ris rail, outer barrel, are all constructed of metal. The front flash hider and body of this weapon are made of ABS plastic. The gear box is full metal and has 7mm bushings. Electrical system contains an internal fuse which is nice. The hopup on this weapon is easily accesible and easy to adjust.
The body of the weapon is made from ABS plastic and creates a weak point at the stock tube to body connection point. I would suggest to anyone purchasing this weapon that you have someone with knowledge take the gear box apart and replace the spring guide with a steel one and get a longer bolt that holds the buffer tube to the body.
Modifications to this weapon for the most part are fairly simple. The one modification all users should do is to remove the forearm and reroute the wires for better placement and battery fit. If you want to replace the plastic body with a metal one remember the S-System body is propriatary and you can not just go get any old M-4 body and replace this one due to the design of the upper rail and the fact the body of the S-System is a 3 piece. This weapon comes with an 8.4v battery if you want to upgrade to a 9.6V battery you can either perform the battery mod or just replace it with a 9.6V butterly battery which seems to fit better in the forearm.
This M-4 will use any standard M-4 magazine on the market and I have yet to run across one that will not work.

Full length upper ris rail for accessories
Capable of upgrading to 9.6v batteryfor faster rate of fire
Easily adjustable and accessible hopup
Multiple magazines available
Most parts easily upgradeable

Plastic body
Plastic flash hider
Almost non existent metal body upgrades.