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C.A.T.S. Membership

If you are interested in joining the C.A.T.S. then click here for more information

To request membership to the Cheyenne Airsoft Tactics Squad (C.A.T.S.) send an email to or one of the Operations Command Team listed below.

The C.A.T.S. will be recruiting from October 1st thru March 31st.  If you wish to join submit an email requesting membership.  If you request is recieved after the recruiting period it will be kept on file for the next recruiting period.  The C.A.T.S. may or may not accept any new members during any given year but will keep all requests for future recruiting periods.

C.A.T.S. member requests will be reviewed by the Operations Command Team for approval during an initial evaluation period in addition to the following requirements:

Must be at least 14 years of age (between 14 and 17 must have parental consent)

Must complete C.A.T.S. waiver prior to any activity (click here to download)

Must obtain team uniform  (vietnam era tiger stripe BDU)

Will be required to adhere to all safety regulations as posted on our website and by any event hosts unless otherwise stated.

Multiple team membership is not permitted.

For any further questions the Operations Command Team can be reached at the following addresses: